Romanzo Criminale (Complete Series)

Romanzo Criminale (Complete Series)

A criminal known as Lebanese has a dream: to conquer the underworld of Rome. To carry out this feat without precedent he puts together a ruthless and highly organized gang. Their progress and changes in leadership (Lebanese is followed by his cohorts Freddo and Dandi) take place over twenty-five years, from the 1970's into the '90's, and are inseparably intertwined with the dark history of modern Italy: terrorism, kidnappings and corruption at the highest levels of government. Throughout these years Police Lieutenant Scialoia sticks to the gang's trail, trying both to bring them to justice and to win the heart of Dandi's girlfriend Patrizia.

Romanzo Criminale (Complete Series)

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  • Romanzo Criminale - Episode 1

    Three childhood friends make plans to take over Rome by getting involved in organized crime. As their power grows, police inspector Scialoja struggles to bring a halt to their schemes and finds his efforts hamstrung by his own colleagues.

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  • Romanzo Criminale - Episode 2

    Ice decides to reinvest the ransom money, but a bungled burial threatens to exposes the gang's plans - and the future looks even bleaker when Lebanese storms out of a meeting with a criminal kingpin. At the police station, Scialoja is frustrated when his short-tempered colleague Rizzo takes charg...

  • Romanzo Criminale - Episode 3

    The gang launches a bloody bid to take over Rome's drug trade, but encounters stiff resistance from an intimidating underworld kingpin. Scialoja tries to get a new lead on the criminals' plans by tracking down Dandy's mistress Patrizia - only for his investigation to take an unexpected turn.

  • Romanzo Criminale - Episode 4

    Lebano throws a wild party as the gang's confidence continues to grow, and Dandy decides to expand further into Terrible's territory - but his plan has harrowing consequences for two of his cohorts. Meanwhile, Freddo is drawn to his brother's girlfriend Roberta.

  • Romanzo Criminale - Episode 6

    The gang members are thrown in jail after the police find evidence linking them to the Baron's murder, and rumours begin to spread of a traitor in their midst. However, they soon face a more immediate problem when they are confronted by a vengeful inmate.

  • Romanzo Criminale - Episode 8

    The gang tries to take advantage of chaos on the streets of Rome, where police are struggling to deal with protesters and the Red Brigades. However, as Lebano and his colleagues ruthlessly set about eliminating their rivals, they inadvertently leave more trails for the dogged Scialoja to follow.

  • Romanzo Criminale - Episode 5

    Lebano leads his associates on a brutal campaign to wipe out their rivals in Rome - but after forming an alliance with the Sicilian mafia, they become entangled in a terrorist plot to kidnap one of Italy's most senior politicians. Meanwhile, Scialoja grows dangerously close to Patrizia and Ice co...

  • Sandstorm

    In Southern Israel, a teen's (Lamis Ammar) forbidden love affair challenges the traditions of her Bedouin mother and father.

  • Romanzo Criminale - Episode 11

    The nephew of the gang's former associate Puma is murdered, and Lebano grows increasingly paranoid when he learns that members of his group have been operating a loans racket and selling drugs without his consent.

  • Romanzo Criminale - Episode 7

    Lebano and the gang are freed from prison and set about taking down rival gangster Terrible, who proves to be a difficult opponent. Dandi goes into hiding following his brutal beating of a man he found in bed with Patricia, and the prostitute finds herself given an offer she cannot refuse.

  • Romanzo Criminale - Episode 12

    Lebano's paranoia spirals out of control, as Ice turns his back on the criminal underworld and makes a fresh start with his girlfriend Roberta.

  • Romanzo Criminale - Episode 13

    Series two of the Italian Mob saga, and the Rome crew are in hysterical disarray. It's 1981: Libanese is in the morgue, full of holes, which means a race to find the killers and exact revenge before the police can make an arrest and spoil the party. It also means a power vacuum. Should sensible F...

  • Romanzo Criminale - Episode 10

    Lebano, Dandi and Fierolocchio are imprisoned, but are offered their freedom - if they agree to work for the special agents they encountered in the brothel. Meanwhile, Ice tries to quell rumors in the Roman underworld following the trio's arrest.

  • Romanzo Criminale - Episode 14

    Roberta and Ice's relationship runs into trouble, while the gang wages a bloody battle to keep a rival cartel from gaining control of Rome's drug trade.

  • Romanzo Criminale - Episode 9

    A rift forms between Lebano and Dandi over a plan to blackmail a cop into helping them with a drugs raid, while Inspector Scialoja falls deeper in love with Patrizia.

  • Romanzo Criminale - Episode 19

    Freddo discovers the gun that killed Libano belonged to his own gang and realizes Bufalo and Ricotta killed the wrong person in revenge, prompting him to hunt down the traitor. He also finds out there is a rival drug ring in Rome after his brother overdoses on heroin and winds up in the hospital,...

  • Romanzo Criminale - Episode 15

    Internal tensions threaten to tear the gang apart as Bufalo and Dandi's mutual hatred grows stronger, while Scialoja investigates hefty financial transactions.

  • Romanzo Criminale - Episode 20

    Battling his demons in prison, Bufalo violently assaults a priest in the hope that he will be deemed insane and have his sentence reduced. Freddo joins him and Ricotta in jail following the attempted murder of Sorcio and Buffoni approaches them with a plan to get rid of all the traitors. Meanwhil...

  • Romanzo Criminale - Episode 16

    The gang continues its bloody battle with the Sardinians, but the killing of a key player changes the direction of the conflict - and Ice decides to pay his rivals a visit. Meanwhile, Scialoja returns to the brothel for another meeting with Patrizia.

  • Romanzo Criminale - Episode 17

    As Italy celebrates victory in the 1982 World Cup, Scialoja discovers a vital clue in the search for Libano's killer. Meanwhile, the gang receives a tempting offer from Don Mimmo that could help tie up the drugs trade in Rome - but it becomes clear his services carry a heavy cost.

  • Romanzo Criminale - Episode 18

    Bufalo tries to plead insanity when he is charged with murder, and his plan looks set to succeed when he is sent to a crooked psychiatrist - until fate intervenes. Dandi discovers Patrizia has found a new career in an unexpected location, while Scrocchiazeppi cooks up a desperate plan to stave of...

  • Romanzo Criminale - Episode 22

    It is now 1989 and Buffoni and Scrocchiazeppi are released from prison, but the realities of life back home hit them hard and they set about settling some old scores. Freddo leaves his hideout in Morocco and heads back to Rome after Buffoni kills his brother Gigio, while Scrocchiazeppi demands tw...

  • Romanzo Criminale - Episode 21

    Sorcio gives up the names of Dandi, Freddo, Buffoni, Fierolochio and Scrocchiazeppi to the police and they all land in jail. Scialoja is worried at the trial as it all hangs on the testimony of a known heroin addict, while Dandi and Freddo each hatch a plan to ensure they will not spend their liv...